Wedding Catering

Wedding term creates images of jewelry decked friends and relatives, beautiful and grandly decorated venues and above all tempting luscious dishes displayed and being enjoyed by the guests. A significant part of the wedding budget is spent on catering only. Nowadays trend of hiring catering is both convenient, time saving and fashionable too. For catering services like Asparagus, having expertise not only in providing diverse traditional, royal and contemporary cuisines in highly hygienic and sophisticated style but also have mastery in beautifully adorning the venue according to the proposed budget and choices. ASPARAGUS can help you organize your wedding in a deluxe and epicurean atmosphere turning your day into a brighter and scintillating one. We wish to give you the best guidance by extensively sharing with you our multitudinous experience and knowledge. We would be more than enthusiastic to realize your dream of a vivacious wedding that bespeaks magnificence. The purpose of ASPARAGUS is to schedule an affluent wedding creating a high standard of arrangements be it flower arrangements, decoration, bartending, musicians, unique gifts and of course the cuisine.

Just enjoy the eminent moment and your special time. Appreciate an outstanding event with long lasting and extraordinary memories, being sure that there can be nothing you need to worry about, except alluring the beautiful day because you can rely on our services taking care of your individual and personal needs.

With a step ahead it also provides a theme touch to the occasion so to make it unique and memorable.

Vegetarian Catering

A new awareness of eating healthily has meant that the number of vegetarians in this country is on the rise. Even if you’re not vegetarian yourself, there may be members of your family or wedding guests in the other party who are. They have to be catered for. In the Indian community in particular there are a significant number of vegetarians. Catering for vegetarians is relatively simple with Indian cuisine as the range of dishes available is so huge that the only difficulty lies in the selection procedure. Our Vegetarian catering menus can be viewed in the Menus section of the website.

ASPARAGUS endeavor to observe religious requirements and preferences. Our vegetarian catering is very well appreciated as are our preparation methods. We specialize in without onion-garlic food also. We have a huge respect for religious dietary laws and will do our utmost to ensure they are adhered to.

Multi-Cuisine Catering

Chinese food very much compliments Indian food. We have many clients who request a customize menu so that guests have the choice to combine the two if they wish. Food Stalls can be set up so that guests can choose from a number of different international cuisines during food service. A Chinese catering food stall can be alongside food stall and guests can move from stall to stall relishing the delights on offer. Food Stalls are very popular variation on Buffet. These stall setups are smaller buffets which offer cuisines from different parts of the world.

An Italian Food Stall, an Indian Food Stall and a Chinese Food Stall are just an example of the possible choices your caterer could offer your guests. Another perk of this food service method is that live cooking can take place. Multi-cuisine caterers will be able to provide chefs who can actually serve guests food freshly prepared right before their very eyes. This is a real wow factor at any event.

Corporate Catering

Finding the right caterer for your corporate catering is the deal clincher for a successful event. Food is the one feature of the event that is sure to be commented on and remembered by every guest, whether it’s excellent or terrible. Presentation and service are all important aspects of corporate catering. Different caterers provide different services. A full service caterer will be able to service the whole event, décor included. The ASPARAGUS team takes on a role and will liaise with all the suppliers and the venue to ensure complete cohesion on the day.

There are only a handful of well-established and reputable companies that can not only provide food of excellent quality but can also organize your event, making your day as stress free as possible.

Event Catering

ASPARAGUS is an established and highly experienced event catering company. What began as event catering for Indian weddings and other Indian family celebrations has evolved into an events catering company which can organize the most logistically challenging of events. We rise to the challenges of working in new venues, especially those where service of Indian food may be a first time experience. Whether it is a special family event or a corporate entertaining event, the team has the knowledge and flair to make any event absolutely bespoke and memorable.

Party Catering

Party catering services began on a request basis from restaurant customers and from there grew a business which today provides party catering to thousands of guests every year. Whether the planned event is an intimate party hosted at home or a lavish affair in a furl, ASPARAGUS CATERING can assist with every organizational aspect. For residential events, we can also arrange cutlery, crockery, linen hire, provision of glassware and bar set-up, a staffing solution for the event and a complete decor service through our team. Thanks to our expertise in the event management field, we can also create an event as unique and exceptional as you look forward to for your private party.

We are equally proficient in organizing events in new locations and will liaise with the venue to ensure that the venue team has every confidence in the abilities of our company. Party catering can be undertaken no matter where the location, we pride ourselves on successfully organizing events in all types of venue and across the nation.