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we provide you with unique presentation styles, professional servings and complete hygiene at Asparagus, Food catering services in Garia.

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Asparagus Catering Unit is a reputed catering service that has been providing people with the best culinary services since 2008. We take care of the quality of food and its hygiene. We provide catering services for various events like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. We started our business with very few orders, but today we have a flourishing business with satisfied customers. Asparagus is a famous catering business, which never fails to provide us with the best quality of food and services. We offer you a variety of self curated menus to choose from. We don’t just stop at food—we provide you with unique presentation styles, professional servings and complete hygiene at Asparagus, Food catering services in Garia.

Menu Options At Our Food Catering Services in Garia

We offer a huge menu at Asparagus. We specialize in Bengali cuisines, so if you are looking for Bengali food caterers in Garia, Asparagus catering service is the best option for you. Our menu includes appetizers, main courses, rice and breads, salads and sides and the most important part of bengali cuisines, the versatile desserts. We have two options to choose from:

Non veg

most of our clients demand a non-veg menu, which includes personalized food items like mutton biryani, chicken, mixed fried rice and many more.


we have variety of options for clients who want veg menu as well, like vegetable pulao, aloo dum, shahi paneer

Asparagus- Among The Best Bengali Caterers In Garia

If you are looking for Bengali food caterers in Garia that maintains the quality of food and hygiene, Asparagus is the best choice for you. We  provide you with the best catering services for all your important and special occasions. 

Wide Variety

we have a wide variety of menus to choose from. Apart from bengali food, we also specialize in other cuisines like italian, chinese and mexican

Versatile services

we offer services according to your convenience. From buffet to serving services, we provide all of it at Asparagus.



Easy booking

you can book us easily by reaching our office or calling us directly.

Our catering services are known for its versatility and creativity. We offer curated and unique food menus and presentation styles at Asparagus. Our food will definitely make your heart happy.

Types Of Events We Handle In Garia


We are one of the best wedding caterers in Garia when it comes to bengali food. We provide you with a variety of food options to choose from. We assure you complete satisfaction with the taste and quality of food. Not just food, we also take care of the presentation. We take care of the hygiene factors as well.

Birthday Parties

we offer birthday caterings to our clients with a customizable menu including different food options. We also work on different culinary themes. We promise to make your birthday a memorable one with our catering services ar Asparagus.


make your anniversary more special and memorable by choosing Asparagus, Food catering services in Garia. Good food is the key to heart and we never fail to deliver you with the best culinary services including finger-licking cuisines and unique presentations.

We accept catering for all kinds of events and provide our clients with the best services. Contact us today by calling on +91 8584823915 to book us for your next event. 

Friendly Prices Of Our Catering Services In Garia

Asparagus provides you with the most affordable catering services. We understand the importance of costing so we charge a minimal amount for our services. You can expect the best quality of food and versatility in culinary services at a very affordable rate.


Happy Customers At Asparagus Catering Unit in Garia

Our customer’s satisfaction with our catering is our first priority at Asparagus: Catering Services in Garia. Over the years our catering services have never failed to put a smile on people’s face. From Bengali wedding catering to birthday parties and anniversaries, we offer catering services for all your auspicious occasions. 

What makes us the best catering services in Garia is the quality and taste of our food.  But, that’s not the only thing that brings people back. Our services are also to be highlighted. Our workers are friendly and professional and build up a good relation with the customers providing them the most satisfactory services.

The best part about our catering services at Asparagus is our affordable rates. We have a prominent track record of successful weddings and birthdays. Book us today to experience our versatile catering services.

Why Should You Hire Asparagus Bengali Food Caterers In Garia

Authentic Bengali Cuisine Expertise

We provide specialized mouth-watering bengali catering services in Garia. We follow the most authentic recipes to curate your bengali menu and provide you with the most mouth-watering food.

The food will make your heart happy

Good food always makes our heart happy. Our food is made by culinary professionals, who assure you the best quality and taste of food that will make you lick your fingers.

Freshness You Can Taste

All our food items are made freshly, maintaining proper hygiene and using fresh ingredients.

Your Event, Your Way

We have versatile catering services at Asparagus. We understand different event calls for different services. Whether you want Small catering services in Garia or big Bengali wedding catering, we offer everything here.

Catering Services Near Me Or Near Garia

If you are planning an event at Garia and want to include delicious food items in it, Asparagus Catering Unit is the right place for you. We offer a large menu including a wide variety of dishes at Asparagus. We maintain the quality of food and hygiene effectively here. 


What Makes Us The Best Catering Services in Garia

Our wide variety of menu and culinary services make us the best caterers in Garia. We make all the important occasions special for you with our catering services providing you with the best tasting food and unique presentation. Apart from Bengali cuisines, we also offer international cuisines giving it an Indian touch. 

No matter how big or small the occasion is, we never fail to maintain the quality of food here. We provide such mouth-watering food and professional services at affordable rates. 

This is what makes us one of the top 10 caterers in Garia. 

FAQs on Asparagus Catering Unit in Garia

Yes, we offer vegetarian options at Asparagus. You can also customize your desired menu according to your convenience. If you are concerned about any of your food allergies or health, you can let us know. Our caterers will customize your food accordingly.

We handle all kinds of events at Asparagus, Food catering services in Garia.From bengali weddings, birthdays to anniversaries and corporate events, we provide catering services for all your important and auspicious events making them more special for you.

We prioritize freshness and the taste of food over everything at Asparagus. The most fresh and seasonal ingredients are used by the chefs to make your food. We can guarantee that you can taste the freshness in every single bite.

You can reach out to us, Bengali food caterers in Garia, and consult us about the type of catering services you want. We will let you know about the prices. You can also check our website for overall details about our catering service.

Yes, we can also help you to arrange your event and decorate your venue. Apart from being Bengali Food Caterers, we are also known for event managing.

About Garia, Kolkata

Gaira , in the southern part of Kolkata, lies roughly 7.3 km from our Gariahat branch. Home to over 100,000 residents, it offers a vibrant mix of residential areas, commercial zones, and historical significance. Garia has educational institutions like Dinabandhu Andrews College  and a diverse selection of restaurants like Hatari Restaurant catering to various tastes where you can get takeaway meals. There are many residential complexes in Garia like Victoria Green Complex, which offer a good living environment for residents.

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