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Asparagus Catering Unit: Top-rated Caterers Near Kolkata

Asparagus Catering Unit: Best Caterers In Kolkata

Best catering service in kolkata

COVID-19 regulations are easing, and our Kolkata catering services are all set to dish out the tastiest food. Food is an emotion that completes every event, every occasion in 2021. It is 100% true that no event is complete without a good spread of lip-smacking food. If you are looking for the Best caterers in Kolkata, then you have trotted into the right place.

At Asparagus Catering Unit, we offer premium Kolkata catering services across the city of Kolkata (other parts of Bengal, & northeast India). We serve you with the Best catering in Kolkata and cater food experiences that will be etched in your minds for years to come. Being in the food business for years, we have garnered the right experiences to set your table with a dynamic range of delicacies. So, having an event soon? Or, are you looking for Catering near Kolkata? Make us your go-to caterer in Kolkata and serve your guests with a dose of taste explosion.

Asparagus Caterer In Kolkata

Ever since the dawn of our journey in 2010, we at Asparagus Catering Unit have believed in serving you with nothing but the tastiest food every time you call us in. With that reflecting in both our words and actions, we have become the Best Catering Service provider in Kolkata. We promise to leave your tastebuds happy and wallets safe.

  • Our quality delicacies come at market-driven prices, so you can rest assured that you will get premium Catering services in Kolkata without having to break banks.
  • Asparagus Catering Unit is powered by a team of trained and experienced cooks, chefs, and servers who are dedicated to delivering the best catering experience to you. With a one-of-a-kind menu so vivid and inclusive, Asparagus Catering Unit is one of the top caterers in Kolkata today.
  • Being the Best caterers in Kolkata, we boast a long list of corporate and general clientele who have sought us out every time they organized an event.
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So, why wait? Dial our number anytime you think of the Best catering in Kolkata. We are known for catering with quality Local catering services in Kolkata that are designed to touch hearts.

Kolkata Catering Menu at Asparagus Catering

Asparagus Catering Unit is the Best caterers in Kolkata with packages that sit well with every budget. Our massive spread of delicacies defines us. From Bengali authentic cuisine to Mughlai, Chinese, & Continental, Asparagus Catering Unit is competent to cater to you with anything you want. Even though we are Local caterers in Kolkata, we can bring food from every corner of the world to your table. Our food experts have years of experience in catering near Kolkata with a spread of menu that will make your event more memorable.

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Whether you are looking for Catering Service near Kolkata for small get-togethers or full-blown wedding parties, Asparagus Catering Unit has a long list of delicacies for you to choose from. Our Kolkata catering menu serves everything, from chicken, mutton to pure veg items. We have a specialty in bringing both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items to your table. Not only this but our Caterers near Kolkata offer various combinations of menus as well.

Cuisines Offered By Kolkata Caterers

food menu of kolkata catering

We are one of the best Kolkata caterers that believe quality and variety are above all. That is why we are dedicated to bringing a menu from both national & international palettes that caters to every taste and need. Our Catering in Kolkata ensures to bring delicacies from practically every cuisine in this world. Our menu includes Indian, Mughlai, Chinese, Continental, Italian, and authentic Bengali cuisines.

Cost of Kolkata catering Services

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We understand arranging for events is stressful, what is more stressful is the budget. If you are worried about catering per plate cost in Kolkata, drop that worry. At Asparagus Catering Unit, we aim at being a trusted caterer in Kolkata (Check our Justdial Page)with price that is affordable and does not stress you out! We believe that food is something that connects us with our customers. That is why we design our Catering plate price Kolkata that gives you the liberty to choose premium delicacies at reasonable rates.

Kolkata's Best Catering Services


Asparagus Catering Unit has remarkable experience in delegating Catering services in Kolkata for weddings and events, both corporate and general. We are competent to deliver Kolkata’s best catering services that make us a well-known choice among patrons. Over the last many years, we have helped organize and provide remarkable events with our top-shelf Catering Service near Kolkata. Have a look below to know what do we offer, apart from finger-licking good food:

Types of Catering Service in Kolkata

  • Vegetarian catering
  • Multi-Cuisine Catering
  • We offer Buffet, Sitting, Self Help Counter, Live Counters, etc.
  • Free Consultation for menu selection, vendor management, event management, and venue selection

Features Of Catering Service In Kolkata

  • Our pieces of crockery include Imported Corelle or Similar Chinawares.
  • Smart English-speaking Stewards and Hostesses graduating from Hotel Management Institutes deliver our services.
  • The cutleries include Steel fork & spoons, Imported rolling top steel chafing dish, others
  • We make sure to offer fresh crockeries/cutleries for all guests, no recycling during service.
  • We first sterilize every plate and then pack them in cloth Jackets.
  • All team members wear dedicated clean uniforms.

Find Best Caterers Near Me

Asparagus Catering Unit is a full-service bengali caterer in Kolkata, specializing in both social and corporate events. No matter what the event is, we can pull out an elaborate menu lineup as per the demand of any occasion. In all fairness, we will give the town a reason to talk about the delicious spread at your event. We are well-equipped to serve headcounts from 300 to over 2500 at a single go. We can offer our Catering services in Kolkata for events like the following:

Why Choose Our Local Kolkata Catering Service?

Catering to a wide range of events and armed with the broadest selection of menus, Asparagus Catering Unit is one of the Best caterers in Kolkata. Our only concern is delivering quality food at the best prices possible. We believe serving food is an art and understand that only quality food will help us build a stronger relationship with anyone seeking us out. Always rest assured that we will move mountains to meet your needs with premium catering services in Kolkata .

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Why We Top the list of best caterers in kolkata?

Let us guess, you are looking for all the reasons to choose us? Here are a few to help your decision:

  • We are a hospitality trained catering unit
  • We have a variety of Kolkata catering menu options, that can cater to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian events.
  • Under our roof, you will get all types of cuisines – Indian, Mughlai, Chinese, and any international kind of delicacy.
  • Our packages come at market-driven prices. We serve one of the best catering menu with prices in kolkata that are affordable. Rest assured that every budget size will find something stashed under our packages.
  • You can customize the menus.
  • We have years of experience in catering near Kolkata .
  • We are specialized and trained to cater to all types of events.
  • We are in business all year round.
  • Asparagus Catering Unit is an approved caterer in Kolkata .
  • Our staff is friendly, educated, and well-trained.
  • We will maintain discipline in your event.
  • Every food item is made from fresh ingredients.
  • We follow strict COVID-19 safety precautions.
  • Asparagus Catering Unit is a reliable Kolkata caterers that delivers transparent, honest services for years now.

Kolkata Caterer's Reviews and Rating by Customers

3387 reviews


Awesome Exp.
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Mark the name Asparagus Catering Unit You will definitely need it if you are planning to throw a wedding/birthday/anniversary party or any similar kind of events.
Furquan Khan
Furquan Khan
Great Food
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I just loved the food items. Thank you guys for such an awesome event. I'd hire your catering services again for our future events.
Best Catering
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They are truly the best catering service provider in Kolkata. They even offer small party catering services at low rate in Kolkata

COVID-19 Safety Rules We're Following as Top Caterers Near Kolkata

As ever, the Asparagus Catering Unit is committed to offering you the best and safest Catering services in Kolkata. The world has been at a standstill due to COVID-19. But, moving forward now, as the world is slowly starting to open its windows, organizing events is seeing a new dawn. In this regard, your calcutta caterer has made sure to serve you well, complying with the COVID-19 recommendations set by the Kolkata state and local health authorities. We want your events to be safe. That is why we have brought in modifications in our catering style to enhance the baseline safety of our Catering services in Kolkata. Here’s how we are working to ensure your safety:

best catering service in kolkata

  • You will get staff-served buffets.
  • We provide sanitization pouches in the catering areas.
  • Our team members sanitize themselves before entering the venue.
  • All the stewards and hostesses will wear masks and gloves.
  • Every utensil and crockery is thoroughly sanitized.
  • All our permanent staff members are fully vaccinated.
  • We check each staff’s temperature before every event.
  • Frequent handwashing is mandatory for our staff members.
  • We maintain physical distance and urge the guests to do ao as well.
We also know that the health situations can change in the future, along with new COVID-19 safety guidelines. That is why we have kept our precautionary measures flexible so that we can subject them to change as and when needed.
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best caterers in kolkata with rates

Are you looking for the Kolkata caterers near me on the internet? Connect with us! You can be assured that Kolkata caterer Asparagus Catering Unit will do everything possible to serve our patrons and guests with the ultimate levels of safety as possible. We will make sure that your celebrations can continue as joyously as ever, without a single hiccup. If you have any questions regarding our safety-enhanced service styles or how we are serving you with the Best catering in Kolkata, feel free to reach out to us. We will be more than happy to answer all your queries and keep you informed about the most up-to-date safety policies.

How To Book Kolkata Caterer?

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Call us for best caterers in kolkata with rates

If you are looking for the best caterers in Kolkata with menu fit for all tastes, look no further than Asparagus Catering Unit. We will be glad if we can be of any help to add glory to your event. Being around 365 days a year, you can cater your event anytime you want. Call us from 11:30 A.M to 11:30 P.M from Monday through Sunday. Feel free to drop in your queries via mail at [email protected] or [email protected].com. We promise to impress you with not words, but with the best catering service in Kolkata .

FAQs on Caterers In Kolkata

You can book our Catering service in Kolkata, 365 days in advance to picking your wedding dates.

Asparagus Catering Unit offers menu packages at various rates. Besides, the whole catering in Kolkata cost will depend on the number of heads we have to cater to. Feel free to connect with us to know more about our per plate costing.

Yes, you can customize the menu. We are dedicated to meeting your needs. Call us to discuss your needs so that we can work together to design a menu that sits well with your event’s demands.
We only use fresh, clean products for cooking for your event. The Asparagus Catering Unit is a big fan of freshly cooked food. Our team sanitizes and cleans all the utensils well before starting their work.
Kolkata caterer Asparagus Catering Unit believes in delivering good food at pocket-friendly rates. First, we sum up the fixed prices and then multiply it with per head charge by the number of people. That is how we calculate the final price.
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