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Treat Your Guests With Sumptuous Food With the Best Caterers in Kolkata

What is a good event without some gob-smacking food? Don’t you think a good food menu can make or break the entire event? Here is when the best caterers in Kolkata will come in handy! Asparagus Catering Unit is a premium catering unit in Kolkata, delivering good food and happiness to every customer. Good food is not merely an element in your event; it is an emotion! An emotion that can be made memorable for life! 


With Asparagus Catering Unit, you can successfully host a lavish party and serve the best food in town. We are among the reputed caterers in Kolkata; therefore, you needn’t worry about our quality and craftsmanship. We believe in creating memories and not merely cooking food. That is when our best asparagus caterers can cater to details and treat you with a plethora of delicacies. The best catering in Kolkata are just a call away! 

The inception of Asparagus's Catering Service In Kolkata

Best Caterers In Kolkata

We Are One Of The Famous Caterers In Kolkata:​

Our story of Asparagus Catering Unit is quite interesting! The company was started in 2008 by Pritam Datta (Alumni IHM Taratala, Kolkata), and ever since, it has been hailed as one of the best catering in Kolkata. Pritam Datta ventured into this business in association with Hotel Hindustan International Kolkata and other hospitality ventures that are dedicated to providing premium catering services to customers. 

Asparagus Catering Unit is among the top 10 caterers in Kolkata that offers creative ways to bring the plate from the kitchen to its customers, catering to every satisfactory demand of customers. It is not only food that is taken care of here, but also the method of catering service, hygiene, and new measures of presentation and art of cooking. We are the most cost-effective “Catering Unit,” customizing menus in various budget categories based on guest requirements. Even as small party caterers in Kolkata, we have built a reputation over the years of relentless service. 

Specialty Of Our Kolkata Caterers

When choosing reliable catering services in Kolkata, you needn’t look elsewhere. We have everything in store for you! We have a variety of menus and sumptuous dishes to suit every taste bud. Whether your guests are vegetarians or non-vegetarians, we have the best platters prepared specifically for you. Asparagus in Kolkata has an expert management team that serves its visitors foreign palettes. Platter-to-plate, American service, and Buffet options are available. With our customer support, making a reservation for your guest list is as simple as sending us a phone call or an email.

We have a trained Bengali caterers in Kolkata known for their cooking skills and artistry. Their culinary skills have exceeded expectations, making us one of the best caterers in town. Whether discussing wedding catering menu and prices or choosing us for a small guest list, we have experience in delivering perfection at the best prices. 

Our Catering Services Kolkata

We are known for a few notable catering services we provide our customers. Among them is our ability to cater to different events. Our major area of services covers both corporate and ceremonial events. 

Corporate Events:

Your clients will always remember how you hosted an event. Besides, it creates a good first impression. To make no mistakes, our Kolkata caterers are trained and experienced in serving events like dealer’s meets, office meals, the employee meets, product launches, promotional events, conferences, etc. Any corporate luncheon you host, we will serve you with perfection. 

Ceremonial Events:

We know how important and emotional every event is for our customers. Celebrating the union of loved ones or rejoicing over growing toddlers is a day worth remembering; therefore, we aim to make every moment special. As a reputed caterer in Kolkata, we serve our delicious food for weddings, receptions, birthday parties, social gatherings, get-togethers, etc. 

Asparagus Catering Kolkata's Customer Review Video​​

We understand arranging for events is stressful, what is more stressful is the budget. If you are worried about catering per plate cost in Kolkata, drop that worry. At Asparagus Catering Unit, we aim at being a trusted caterer in Kolkata (Check our Justdial Page)with price that is affordable and does not stress you out! We believe that food is something that connects us with our customers. That is why we design our Catering plate price Kolkata that gives you the liberty to choose premium delicacies at reasonable rates.

Benefits of Best Catering Services In Kolkata

Are you worried about organizing your next big event? Is there too much to take care of already? Let a professional caterer handle the catering bit. Asparagus catering unit can be your next best choice when looking for efficient catering services near me. If you are still contemplating whether you should or should not hire professional dawat caterers, we will enlist a few reasons to convince you –


The first and most important advantage is that you have a vast choice of options on the meal menu to accommodate each guest’s individual tastes and preferences. You can choose from the different cuisines as you see appropriate based on what the visitors will enjoy rather than sticking to a set menu with a defined number of dishes. If a corporate event or corporate luncheon is your only concern, keep more starters on the menu, and if it’s a wedding, top-quality food and the ability to choose your menu go a long way because good cuisine matters most in an event. Whether it is a big fat north Indian wedding or a simple celebration, we can be your one stop solution. Asparagus should be on your list of caterers in Kolkata if you wish to taste good food and delight guests.

By employing a professional catering service in Kolkata, you can ensure that the food delivered is of the finest quality. Your guests will be impressed and delighted by the higher-quality meals by our accomplished chefs. The food quality of an event may make or break the event. Your guests will not enjoy the event if the food is not of great quality. It is time you stop your hunt for famous caterers in Kolkata with Asparagus Catering Unit. With Professional Caterers, You Know You Are Taking The Right Decision Since They Have Years Of Experience Doing What They Do. Similarly, Asparagus Catering Unit Has Been Providing Kolkata Best Catering Service Since 2008. Therefore, Quality And Satisfaction Are Guaranteed. Our permanent staff members are trained to deliver professional services.

Choosing a reputable catering business that serves non vegetarian events can save you time and concern over meal preparation. All you need to do is agree on a menu and the type of food you want, and they will do the rest. At Asparagus Catering Unit, we guarantee good caterers in Kolkata, so you needn’t worry about the quality. As well as delivering quality food and organizing events, some catering firms also provide a professional waiting service. What better way to satisfy your big fat indian wedding guests than to wait on them hand and foot? Whether your catering company provides food and drink or just different cuisines, nothing is more professional than having wait staff guaranteeing your visitors are well taken care of. 

The shortest horror story- your guests found hair on their food or picked up a dirty plate at the counter! Does that scare you to bits? Well, you can tell a competent caterer by how hygienic their job is—wearing gloves and caps when preparing and serving specialized food, utilizing fresh fruits and vegetables, and using clean equipment are some indicators. All of these small touches add to your party, and your guests will undoubtedly appreciate how clean and well-organized everything was. So, at all costs, avoid compromising your hygiene level. Hiring Asparagus Catering Unit as your professional caterer can save you from such horrors. Asparagus catering unit is known for its hosting and quality services. 

Best Catering In Kolkata - Our Services

What outshines a good company in the industry is its impeccable and satisfactory services. At Asparagus Catering Unit, you witness a range of services to suit every need!

Best Caterers In Kolkata

Vegetarian Menu Kolkata Caterers:

At Asparagus Catering Unit, you are not merely treated with non-vegetarian food items. We are also among the best veg caterers in Kolkata serving flavorsome meals. Especially since there is a new wave of “healthy eaters” and “vegans,” we have trained our team to provide tailor-made services. There are a large number of vegetarians in the Indian community in particular. Catering for vegetarians in Indian cuisine is quite simple because the variety of meals available is so vast that the main problem lies in the selection process. From north Indian to south Indian and more, we will bring the best of choices for you. Speaking of Indian communities, we also understand the importance of respecting religious sentiments and eating patterns. With our services, you will have nothing to complain about!

Multi-Cuisine Catering Services:

Food connects the world, and it is truly witnessed in every event today! Living in India, you integrate Chinese, Thai, Italian, and continental cuisines into your delectable menus. Since our customers have evolved their taste buds, so have we! Our renowned catering services in Kolkata include serving multiple cuisines and creating a multi-cuisine menu! During food service, food stalls can be put up so that guests can choose from a variety of various cuisines. A Chinese-catered food booth can be located next to a food stall, and guests can go from stall to vendor, enjoying the delectable offerings. Therefore, come to us to know more about the possible cuisines you can include in your event.

birthday parties bengali caterers
Best Caterers In Kolkata

Wedding Catering Services In Kolkata:

Weddings are always special! What makes it more special is finger-licking good food! Catering accounts for a sizable portion of the wedding expenditure. Wedding catering services are now popular since they are convenient, time-saving, and trendy. Catering services such as Asparagus Catering Unit specialize not only in offering varied traditional, regal, and contemporary wedding food in a highly hygienic and elegant way but also in beautifully embellishing the site based on the specified budget and choices. Asparagus Catering Unit can assist you in organizing your wedding reception in a premium and epicurean atmosphere, making your day brighter and more sparkling. If you are on a hunt for wedding caterers near me with prices, come to us for the best offers. 

Party Catering In Kolkata:

Parties are a never-ending thing! That is when we realized we need to take up the job of providing excellent catering services at parties. Whether the occasion is a small gathering at home, a birthday party, or a lavish affair in a hotel, Asparagus Catering Unit are among the best Kolkata caterers that can help with every element of planning. For residential events, we can additionally provide cutlery, crockery, linen hire, glasses and bar set-up, event personnel, and a full decor service through our team. We can also construct an event as unique and wonderful as you expect for your private party, thanks to our expertise in event management. Party catering may be done anywhere; we take satisfaction in successfully planning events in all types of venues and across the country.

Professional Bengali Wedding Catering
Best Caterers In Kolkata

Corporate Event Caterers In Kolkata:

If you are planning your next important corporate event, you are at the right place! Corporate events and meetings are great places to create a good first impression. This is why our team at Asparagus Catering Unit takes up the job and liaises with all suppliers to ensure that your event is flawless! There are only a few well-known and respected firms that can not only supply finger-licking good food but also plan your event, making your day as stress-free as possible. We will arrange it all at your next corporate meeting, from mocktail counters to live barbecue.

Testimonials for Our Kolkata Best catering Service

Asparagus Event and Wedding Planner is an excellent choice for your wedding, birthdays, and other special occasions. I really liked their main course, decorations, and services. Their catering services are worth it!
catering in kolkata
Silvi Das
With Asparagus, I didn't have to worry about anything. I was given the best services, and the team was so well trained and polite to my guests. The maharaja caterers simply made my event a success!
catering kolkata
Kritika Nayak
The elaborate menu selection by top caterers was excellent. They were open to modifications. The live counters were really nicely organized. Hygiene was treated very seriously. Must say, it is one of the best catering in Kolkata.
kolkata catering
Manush Shah
Asparagus Catering Unit is a well-known catering agency in Kolkata that provides excellent service. Their friendliness is as impressive as their lip smacking food. Strongly recommended! They plan everything needed for a wedding.
Kamal Mishra
Asparagus Catering is currently ranked as one of the best caterers in Kolkata. They are highly professional in their work and will listen to any feedback or suggestions that are given to them. They can certainly handle any function with ease.
Rakul Nath
I was looking for small party caterers in Kolkata, and my friend suggested I try Asparagus Catering Unit. I must say I am highly pleased and impressed. Their food was delicious! My guests couldn't stop praising all the food items!
Remo Singh
I read reviews about Asparagus being among the top wedding caterers in Kolkata, so we took these for our daughter's wedding. Everything was wonderful the team took care of every matter instantly and fixed it. Great job!
catering service
Pinky Kumar
What I loved most was Asparagus catering per plate price. Not only do they provide excellent food and arrangements, but they also provide pocket friendly rates! I would definitely recommend Asparagus to others!
catering service
Ricky Mann
Asparagus Event and Wedding Planner is ideal for birthdays, receptions, weddings, and family gatherings. Helped me with the venue selection too! Kolkata's most cost-effective caterers and event organizers.
catering services near me
Nisha Das

Best Caterers In Kolkata With Menu

As successful Kolkata caterers, Asparagus Catering Unit takes pride in offering a variety of savory and sweet menus that are perfect for all choices. We offer the appropriate menu for you, whether planning a small, private gathering or a large event. Our chefs are experienced in creating delectable dishes that will please all palates.

Whatever type of event you’re planning, we have the ideal menu for you. We have a team dedicated for menu planning. We have something for everyone, from breakfast and lunch meals to supper menus and dessert buffets. Specialty menus are also available for themed events. We are the best caterers in Kolkata with menu that is satisfying and memorable. 

We have a range of exclusive Bengali cuisine that includes some of the most authentic Bengali food. We have often been hailed as one of the best Bengali caterers in Kolkata. We aim to offer customers with only quality food since that is our prime focus. From succulent fish to tender chicken and mutton, we have the best dishes on the menu! Apart from that, we have a separate vegetarian menu for all vegetarians out there!

Customizable Catering Services Kolkata

As the best catering service in Kolkata, we understand that everyone’s taste in food is unique. We can assist you if you have a special event planned and are having difficulty finding the proper menu options. Even with wedding food or northeast India food, we have a wide range of options. With Asparagus Catering Unit, you can create your own menu based on the theme of your event. You pick, and we deliver a delicious Kolkata catering menu!

Achievements Of Our top caterers in kolkata

A bit of appreciation and a whole lot of recognition are things that keep us going! Thankfully, we have been recognized for our genuine and efficient work. We gained a lot of attention in 2016-2017 after being chosen for “Ahare Bangla -2016,” a cuisine festival conducted by the West Bengal government. We were rewarded by receiving the largest stall in the food carnival among private food service providers, as well as distinct stalls in their theme food pavilion for our unique international delights and theme food. Every day, more than Lacs of food enthusiasts were served, and we only achieved this because of our collective effort. 

Next, “Bengal Fish Fest, 2016-2017,” organized by the Department of Fisheries, the Government of West Bengal, and the Indian Chamber of Commerce, was yet another food festival devoted to fish lovers wherein we achieved unexpected success, allowing us to reach for the stars. Many guests appreciated our delectable, mouthwatering food, and we received excellent feedback from every visitor. We discovered how crucial good cuisine was in helping people remember a brand.

Between 2015-2018, we also tried experimenting with our menus which turned out to be quite a success. It has always been a delight to provide something new to customers. The compliments for Asparagus Catering Unit inspire us to provide better and present more unusual delicacies.

Why Hire Asparagus Catering Service?

When we say we deliver happiness, we mean it entirely. This also includes budget-friendly planning and preparations so you can sit back and enjoy while we handle the food for you at affordable rates. 

We have built a reputation in the industry for our quality, and we do not intend to compromise it in any way. Every food item is made from fresh ingredients. Asparagus Catering Unit is a dependable Kolkata caterer providing straightforward and honest services for many years. Our accomplished chefs offer unrivaled services.

When you are to book the best caterers in Kolkata, you look for credibility and reputation. We have both! Therefore, you can rely on us for our services and trust our process. We will guide you through the whole procedure from the beginning. We believe in transparency, and that makes us genuine and reliable. 

Looking For 'best caterers near me'? Here Are Some Reasons To Choose Us

You want your event to be perfect, don’t you? To achieve this, you must be hunting for the best caterers near me. This is where Asparagus Catering Unit can handle everything from scratch! 

Here is why you should hire our services –

  • Sanitization pouches are available in the catering areas.

  • We include a fully-trained Asparagus catering unit who are checked by local health authorities before serving food.

  • Before entering the event, our top notch quality team members sanitize themselves.

  • All the stewards and hostesses will all be wearing masks and gloves.

  • Every utensil and piece of crockery has been carefully cleaned and sanitized.

  • Our whole permanent crew has been completely vaccinated.

  • Before each event, our best caterer makes a note of everyone’s temperature.

  • Our employees are required to wash their hands frequently.

  • We maintain physical distance and encourage our guests to do the same.

  • We provide excellent food quality for outdoor catering too and organize aesthetically beautiful events.

We Are Among the Top 10 Caterers in Kolkata

Asparagus Catering Unit- best caterers in kolkata has extensive experience in assigning Catering services in Kolkata for weddings and corporate and social events. We are capable of providing the best catering services in Kolkata, making us a popular choice among customers. With our top-tier Catering Service near Kolkata, we have helped organize and provide memorable events for many years. Look below to see what our best caterers in Kolkata have to offer other than tasty food:

  • Multiple cuisines at reasonable rates

  • Catering to vegetarian/non vegetarian taste palette

  • Precautionary measures flexible and availability of buffet, sitting, self-help counters, live counters, etc

  • Free consultation and a free quote

  • Our best caterers are available round the clock for your assistance

  • From vendor management to final execution, our big fat indian wedding team will handle everything flawlessly

Get in Touch With Our Best Kolkata Caterers

If you wish to host the most memorable event of your life, you can get in touch with our best caterers in kolkata. Our location is Asparagus Catering Unit, gate 2, near haryana vidya mandir school, ca block, sector 1, bidhannagar, kolkata, west Bengal. You can be rest assured that we will handle your event with minimal to no errors.

We will serve your guests with ultimate safety and joy. Please contact us if you have any queries about our safety-enhanced service styles or how we provide the best catering in Kolkata. We will gladly answer any of your questions and keep you up to date on the most recent safety policies.

Contact Kolkata Caterers Near Me

Call Us For Best Caterers In Kolkata With Rates

If you are looking for the best caterers in Kolkata with menu fit for all tastes, look no further than Asparagus Catering Unit. We will be glad if we can be of any help to add glory to your event. Being around 365 days a year, you can cater your event anytime you want. Call us from 12pm – 11pm from Monday through Sunday. Feel free to drop in your queries via mail at or We promise to impress you with not words, but with the best catering service in Kolkata .

FAQs On Caterers In Kolkata

You can book our Catering service in Kolkata, 365 days in advance to picking your wedding dates.

Asparagus Catering Unit offers menu packages at various rates. Besides, the whole catering in Kolkata cost will depend on the number of heads we have to cater to. Feel free to connect with us to know more about our per plate costing.

Yes, you can customize the menu. We are dedicated to meeting your needs. Call us to discuss your needs so that we can work together to design a menu that sits well with your event’s demands.

We only use fresh, clean products for cooking for your event. The Asparagus Catering Unit is a big fan of freshly cooked food. Our team sanitizes and cleans all the utensils well before starting their work

Kolkata caterer Asparagus Catering Unit believes in delivering good food at pocket-friendly rates. First, we sum up the fixed prices and then multiply it with per head charge by the number of people. That is how we calculate the final price.

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