Asparagus: Best Caterer in Salt Lake

Asparagus Catering unit was launched by Asparagus catering owner– Pritam Dutta to serve delicious food, making us one of Kolkata’s best caterers. If you are looking for delicious food to be a part of your event, you can opt for our services. Our team will customize the menu according to your needs and event type. If you want to know about us as the best caterer in Salt Lake, Kolkata with rates, we will gladly assist you. 

Types Of Events At Asparagus Event Catering

Weddings & Receptions Catering In Salt Lake

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we at Asparagus Catering Salt Lake understand its significance. Whether it’s an intimate gathering of close friends and family or a grand royal banquet, our team works tirelessly to ensure the food reflects the grandeur and emotion of the day. We offer diverse Kolkata catering menus that cater to different cultures, preferences, and themes. Our chefs work closely with couples to understand their vision, resulting in a feast that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also resonates with the love and commitment of the union. With one of the best caterers in Kolkata by your side, every bite becomes a cherished memory.

Corporate Events In Asparagus Catering Unit

Corporate events are more than just meetings; they reflect a company’s image and values. Whether it’s the elegance of an annual gala, the excitement of a product launch, or the formality of a business luncheon, Asparagus delivers with unmatched professionalism and class. We understand the nuances of corporate gatherings — from meeting dietary requirements to ensuring punctual service. Our sophisticated spreads are designed to leave a lasting impression, ascertaining stakeholders, clients, and employees remember the event long after it’s over. You can look through our Asparagus catering unit photos and see the delectable spread for yourself. 

Birthday Parties In Asparagus Catering Salt Lake

Every birthday is a celebration of life and milestones achieved. At Asparagus caterers Salt Lake, we ensure the food is as memorable as the occasion. Whether it’s a milestone birthday bash filled with extravagance or a quiet family gathering, our menus are crafted with the guest of honor in mind. Think of themed dishes for kids, gourmet delights for adults, and a mix of contemporary and classic treats that cater to all age groups. Every dish’s flavor is tailored to mirror the joy and uniqueness of the celebrated birthday.

Anniversaries Celebrated with Asparagus caterers in Kolkata

Anniversaries mark the beautiful journey of love, commitment, and togetherness. And what better way to celebrate this journey than with a feast that’s as special as the memories you’ve created? At Asparagus- the best caterers in Kolkata, our culinary experts curate dishes that mirror the essence of romance and companionship. Be it a silver jubilee or the first year of bliss, our menus are designed to complement the mood and sentiment of the occasion. From intimate dinners for two to grand gatherings of family and friends, we add that magical touch, making your special day even more unforgettable. Ask us for Asparagus catering per plate price.

Happy Customers At Asparagus Catering Unit

Choosing Asparagus for my daughter's wedding was the best decision. The food was divine, and their attention to detail was commendable.
catering in kolkata
Shyama Banerjee
Our annual company event was a roaring success, all thanks to Asparagus. Their variety was incredible, catering to our diverse team worldwide.
Rajeev Dhar
We were looking for the best caterers in Kolkata with rates and came across Asparagus. Our event was a huge success, and the food was delicious!
catering in kolkata
Monica Das

Achievements Of Asparagus- Best Caterers in Kolkata

We are so happy for all the praise and the big awards we have won, which makes us one of the top 10 caterers in Salt Lake Kolkata! A delightful moment for us was in 2016-2017 when we got to be a part of “Ahare Bangla -2016,” a big food fest by the West Bengal government. We were given the biggest stall and special stalls for our international and theme foods. Every day, we served tons of food lovers and did it all as a team in the Asparagus catering unit

Another significant achievement was at the “Bengal Fish Fest, 2016-2017.” This event was about fish; some big groups, including the West Bengal government, put it together. People loved our tasty food and told us lots of good things. It showed us that great food can make people remember you as the best caterers in Kolkata. 

Also, from 2015 to 2018, we played around with our menus, and people liked the new stuff we came up with. We always enjoy bringing new dishes to our customers. All the kind words for the Asparagus Catering Unit make us want to keep doing better and create even more cool dishes.

Connect with Asparagus- one of the best wedding caterers in Salt Lake.

Are you eager to add that special Asparagus touch to your event? Reach out today, and let’s paint your big day with flavors, elegance, and memories. Look for our Asparagus catering unit photos to give you a better idea about our work. Celebrate with Asparagus – North Kolkata’s best in catering.

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