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What are the best things to watch out for in an event? Apart from decorations, venue, and hospitality, one of the biggest things to consider is good food! Without some lip-smacking good food, an event can never be complete. Don’t you think? With Asparagus Catering Unit, you needn’t worry about hunting for the best Bengali caterers in Kolkata.

We have been in the industry for years, striving for perfection with each passing event! Not only can we treat your palate with tasty food, but we also have expertise and skills in organizing the most memorable event for you! If you are looking for Bengali caterers near me, stop your search with us. You will not be disappointed with the kind of best catering services
we provide to our customers.  

Story Of The Best Bengali Food Caterers in Kolkata

We are glad to be able to present Asparagus Catering Unit as popular Bengali food caterers in Kolkata. From the kitchen to your tables, we ensure to bring a blend of sophistication and delicacies from Kolkata. The story of our best caterers in Kolkata began with Pritam Dutta (Alumni IHM Taratala- Kolkata) who founded Asparagus Catering Unit in association with Hindustan International Kolkata and other hospitality ventures. 

Since 2008, our best bengali caterers in kolkata have been in the catering industry, relentlessly catering to specifications and hosting events you’d like. Our best bengali caterers in kolkata understand the importance of putting up a good event as it will remain special for life. Therefore, our team is experienced and trained to handle the best quality food and organize a successful event! Along with the cuisine, hygiene, novel presentation techniques, and cooking art, the delicious dish’s quality is also especially taken care of.

We are the best bengali caterers in Kolkata that customizes menus in various price ranges based on guest demand and is the most cost-effective. Being one of the best caterers in Kolkata of bengali dishes, we have gained a reputation for excellence.

Save Some Money with Our Bengali Caterers in Kolkata:

Even though it may seem strange, using a catering service can actually help you save money. You’ll wind up spending a lot of money on the ingredients for each course if you’re planning to serve a large number of guests various courses including snacks, appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Our Bengali caterers in Kolkata are skilled and trained in cooking on a budget! However, that does not mean low quality. We have a successful record of serving you the most delicious Bengali food within budget with zero compromises on our food quality. 

Why Choose Our Bengali Caterers in Kolkata?

There is a list of things to focus on and look after at a wedding or any other event. From décor to the guest list and more, you cannot handle the tediousness of everything! Let our best bengali caterers in Kolkata handle the catering services seamlessly. Whether you are looking for Bengali wedding catering or a birthday party setup, we have got you covered! If you are wondering why you must reach out to us, we will enlist a few reasons –

Our Good Bengali Caterers Provide Stress-Free Events:

It can be challenging, stressful, and take a lot of time to plan delicious dishes for an event, especially a very big one. You would have to give up your work in order to stay sane if you were in charge of all the food-related details for the event. This is due to the fact that once engaged, our professional catering service will manage every aspect of planning the event’s cuisine. They will give their workers, staff, venue management, and visitors a pre-planned schedule. The catering services will coordinate all menu planning thoroughly.

With us, You Get the Best Bengali Restaurant in Kolkata Menu:

The meal menu possibilities are frequently limitless when working with a reputable catering business. You could only decide what you could cook and what was accessible to you for the function on your own. All you need to do is choose the cuisine you want to be served from a list of delicious delicacies provided by our in-house professional Bengali caterers in Kolkata, who has menus and food item alternatives to choose from. The rest will be handled by our chef, crew, and company.


Professional Bengali Wedding Catering
birthday parties bengali caterers

We Offer Professional Bengali Wedding Catering: 

Asparagus caterers offer a variety of solutions that will wow your visitors and specialize in coordinating food for huge gatherings of people. A successful event depends on both the quality of the cuisine and the presentation of the meal. You can be confident that the food you order from a catering service will not only taste delicious but will also be beautifully presented.

You don’t want to be frantically putting food out while your guests are just standing about. By hiring a food service, you can unwind and enjoy your guests. We are among the reputed Bengali catering name list that has had a record of successful events. You can even get a taste of our quality food before you hire our best catering service. 

Get the Best Bengali Food Kolkata:

It could be difficult to make top-notch cuisine before your occasion even begins, even though you might want your visitors to savor your family’s delicacies on your special day. Fortunately, you can always rely on our best caterers to make delicious meals for your D-Day. Additionally, catering companies frequently use a skilled group of caterers to guarantee that the food is prepared before your occasion begins. Most importantly, you can request that the caterer provide your preferred cuisine to your guests.

As a leading Bengali caterer in Kolkata, West Bengal we have been providing tasty food to our guests for years. Our traditional hilsa fish made by our royal cook caterer is a staple! We do not believe in compromising our food quality! 

Events Handled by Our Best Bengali Caterers in Kolkata

When in Kolkata, the city of Joy, you must try authentic Bengali cuisine to embrace the culture of the people and enjoy some gob-smacking food. Well, with Asparagus Catering Unit, you can experience fine food, great occasion, and an even better experience. We have been among the Best Royal Bengali Wedding Caterers in Kolkata, helping our customers make memories while we handle everything backstage.  Here are a few events our best caterer hosts to keep our guests happy –

bengali caterers in kolkata


We have gained a reputation in the industry as a reputed Bengali wedding caterer in Kolkata. Since there is a high demand for professional and renowned caterers in weddings, we are here to serve you with precision and perfection. Our Bengali wedding menu with lebanese shawarma is to die for!

Corporate Events:

A corporate luncheon can be an incredibly crucial day for you as it gives a good impression of you as a host. Let us take care of your important day with our team of good Bengali caterers in Kolkata. If you are thinking of getting your corporate parties in Kolkata, get in touch with our caterer in kolkata.

Birthday Party and Functions:

To make your next celebration an amazing day, use our Bengali catering in Kolkata for any occasion and let us produce some distinctive meals. Whether it is the first birthday of your child, a special get-together of friends and family, or any festive function, we are here to offer affordable and the best catering services. Our birthday catering service is also quite popular. 


Let the union with your loved one be celebrated in the most special manner every year. We host unforgettable anniversaries with the most delicious food and impeccable arrangements.

Bengali caterers in Kolkata

Customer's Reviews On Our Bengali Careering Service in Kolkata 

Asparagus Catering Unit is a well-known catering agency in Kolkata that provides excellent service. Their friendliness is as impressive as their lip smacking food. Strongly recommended! They plan everything needed for a wedding.
Kamal Mishra
Asparagus Catering is currently ranked as one of the finest caterers in Kolkata. They are highly professional in their work and will listen to any feedback or suggestions that are given to them. They can certainly handle any function with ease.
Rakul Nath
I was looking for small party caterers in Kolkata, and my friend suggested I try Asparagus Catering Unit. I must say I am highly pleased and impressed. Their food was delicious! My guests couldn't stop praising all the food items!
Remo Singh
What I loved most about Asparagus was that they gave us multiple choices with cuisines and dishes. Their exclusive menus were very tempting and their food was delicious. Overall happy with their Bengali wedding catering services. You can definitely trust their team with your events as they are highly trained to only offer the best food to guests.
Kamal Mishra
I belong to a Bengali household; therefore, I wanted a perfect Bengali wedding for my daughter. That is when I chose Asparagus because my sister suggested me. They did a good job at my sister’s wedding. I can without a doubt say that they are among the best Royal Bengali Wedding Caterers in Kolkata. All the Bengalis love their food. Highly recommend their services.
Rakul Nath
Asparagus has a great team of chefs, managers, stewards, and stewardesses. Their caterer in kolkata was very professional, very hygienic, took good care of the overall cleanliness, and served delicious foods. Overall food presentation and organization were great. For the best Bengali food Kolkata, I recommend them.
Remo Singh
Asparagus came to me when I was searching for a Bengali catering name list. Looking at their experience and services, I gave them a try in a small gathering. Their served food is so good that I am definitely hiring them for my next big event. The best caterers I have ever come across.
catering service
Pinky Kumar
Asparagus is one Bengali wedding catering service that is highly affordable. I couldn’t have managed the budget without them for sure! They did an amazing job with their most important item which is food. Very happy and satisfied. They are the best wedding caterers in town.
catering service
Ricky Mann
If you are still searching for Bengali caterers near me, I would recommend taking a look at Asparagus Catering Unit. They are my number #1 caterer in kolkata when it comes to hosting my every event. Very satisfied and happy with their services and the mouth-watering food items they served.
catering services near me
Nisha Das

Our Specialties as the Best Bengali Caterers in Kolkata 

Multiple-Cuisine Choices:

As one of the best Bengali Caterers in Kolkata, we will treat you will an array of cuisine choices. Even though our dawat caterers have gained popularity for sumptuous Bengali delicacies, we are experienced in cooking other cuisines too so you can be sure to get the best services.

Vegetarian Meals:

With a trend of healthy eaters and vegans, our maharaja caterers have moulded and trained ourselves to cater to vegetarian palates. In fact, some of the best and tastiest items we prepare are vegetarian. They are among our top-selling items when choosing a delectable menu.

Event Catering:

Not only are we trained to be the best Bengali wedding caterers in Kolkata, but we also specialize in hosting other events like parties, get-togethers, a rice ceremony, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate meets, etc. No matter the occasion, we are here. Therefore, if you are looking for reliable names in the industry, choose us! Asparagus Catering Unit is always there for you no matter what type of event you may have.

Wedding Catering:

Let it be known that we are one of the top Bengali caterers in Kolkata with experience and a record of delivering 100% guaranteed catering services. Our wedding caterer is trained to handle every intricacy of wedding catering. Along with an Bengali wedding menu of authentic taste, our wedding caterer can provide you with a range of other options too. We specialize in Bengali weddings at West Bengal.  

Testimonials Proving Our Efficacy as the Best Bengali Caterers in Kolkata 
Bengali catering in Kolkata for birthday
Bengali wedding caterer in Kolkata

We Are The Go-To Choice For Bengali Wedding Catering in Kolkata

Menu Of Choice:

We will provide you with our Bengali wedding catering menu with price before beginning the process. By doing this, we ensure transparency. 


We have experience in generating the most ideal price per plate for you, so you don’t worry about hiring us and tasting our delicious food.

Extensive Catering Option:

We have a plethora of options to cater to every palate easily. Our Bengali food caterers in Kolkata will give you the taste of authentic Bengali food. 


As Bengali caterers in Kolkata, we do not fail to provide quality craftsmanship, affordability, and genuine services. 

Exceptionally Trained Team:

We have a team of trained and licensed stewards and stewardesses who will take over your occasion. They are trained in serving food.


Our Bengali food caterers in Kolkata will give you the taste of authentic and original Bengali food. They make the tastiest dishes of Bengali origin.

Get In Touch With Our Bengali Caterers In Kolkata​

With affordability and taste, we have become a reputed name in the industry. If you wish to witness efficacy and proficiency in catering services, reach out to us. We can discuss your specifications for food items and work on them accordingly.

You can also get in touch with us and get a free quote on our services. Be it a big fat Indian wedding or a small business affair, we are here with experience and taste. 

Let every moment become a beautiful memory. Hire us as your Bengali caterers in Kolkata and witness satisfactory services and the best event management in the city. In case you have any queries, feel free to contact us

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