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We take pride in being addressed as the best Bengali Caterers in Kolkata. It has taken our sincere efforts to reach this pinnacle, and several reasons have made us the best bengali caterers in kolkata with menu in the City of Joy.

  • Our special Bengali cuisine gives you the authentic taste of Bengali dishes. 
  • The food items that we cook taste like home-cooked dishes. 
  • Our chefs try their best to churn magic in a wok with handpicked ingredients. 
  • The wide range of cuisines is also something to look forward to.

We are the Best bengali Caterers in Kolkata with Menu & Price that no one else will be able to offer. So, eat, relish and relax!

Your Favorite Bengali Catering In Kolkata

best bengali caterers in kolkata

Our glorious journey as the best bengali caterers in Kolkata with prices & reviews would not have been possible without our experienced and skilled chefs. This is why let us tell you in a nutshell what they extend special efforts to make your event special.Get in touch with us as your Best Bengali Caterers Kolkata because we 

  • Give you the best price per plate 
  • Offer you exclusive platters of the choicest dishes 
  • Bring you joy and satiate your thirst for authentic Bengali and multi-cuisine recipes
  • As the good Bengali Caterer In Kolkata, we never fail our words and the promise of quality. 
  • Ensure hygiene and safety.

Best bengali Caterers in Kolkata with Menu & Price

  • Before every D-day, we sit and decide upon the menu we want. 
  • Following this, we will tell you which items would be best suited for the event. 
  • Once we, the good bengali caterers, have agreed on the menu, we let our chefs know about it. 
  • The chefs then do their research and learn about different ways to prepare each food item. 
  • When they have researched well, they gather the ingredients and prepare the items in small quantities to check their quality and taste. 
  • If the items turn out to be pitch-perfect, the chefs will make further modifications if necessary.
  • Those items that need more hard work and effort are again prepared using different methods and techniques using unique and fresh ingredients.
  • All raw materials like fish, meat, and vegetables are bought on the morning of the event to give you their original and fresh taste. This is why we are among the top and good Bengali Caterers in Kolkata, West Bengal.
best bengali caterers in kolkata

Events That We Cover As Bengali Speciality Caterers

best bengali caterers in kolkata


  • Wedding: Whenever it is the wedding season we are in high demand owing to our special services. You can book us for a wedding day, and we are sure to leave an everlasting impression on your hearts with our delicacies.
  • Corporate meetings: Be it a corporate meeting or a picnic, we are here to save you from your hunger pangs. Name it, and we have that dish served on your table. Just enjoy and gorge on our lovely delicacies.
  • Party: Hire our Bengali catering in kolkata for any event to make your next party an unforgettable day, and let us prepare some unique dishes from our treasure trove of recipes. You can suggest your ideas, and we will try our best to get them served to you.
  • Anniversary: We never disappoint you, be it the birth anniversary or a marriage anniversary. Try our yummiest recipes and heartily enjoy the moments.

small party bengali caterering in kolkata: Our Event Lists

  • Wedding catering: Exclusive recipes from across the globe are brought to you. Our special wedding menus are simply awesome!
  • Vegetarian catering: Some of the tastiest and best items we serve are vegetarian. They are always at par with the best dishes on our list.
  • Multi-cuisine catering: We bring dishes from international cuisines and give you their original taste. You need not travel far to explore the cuisines of other countries as we, the top bengali catering in kolkata with price, serve them all.
  • Corporate catering: We will arrange it all at your next corporate meeting, from mocktail counters to live barbecue.
  • Event catering: Name it, and we will have it prepared, even if you are looking for a small party bengali catering in kolkata, and you will lick off the last morsel from your plate.
  • Party catering: Our good Bengali Caterers Services will add more glory to your parties by serving you some of the top dishes to savor for long.

Find the best bengali catering service in kolkata, West Bengal

best bengali caterers in kolkata

Good Bengali Caterers In Kolkata Reviews and Rating by Customers

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Arup Ghosh
Arup Ghosh
Awesome Exp.
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Asparagus Catering Unit is definitely the definitely the best bengali caterers in Kolkata
Kishor Das
Kishor Das
Great Food
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The food was just mouth watering. Their bengali caters in kolkata were very trained and polite too.
Hitesh Kumar
Hitesh Kumar
Best Catering
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Ver impressive and the best bengali caters in kolkata. Be it a birthday party or wedding.

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Being the best Bengali Caterer In Kolkata, at Asparagus we offer our sincerest services that will make your event all the more memorable. We are undoubtedly the best bengali caterers in kolkata with rates that will definitely fit your budget and do justice to your faith in us. 

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