ASPARAGUS CATERING UNIT, a food catering house which offers conceptual ways to bring the platter from the kitchen  to its guests ensuring the basic need for anyone – SATISFACTION . Its not only food , but along with the quality of food , its way of service , hygiene and new measures of presentation and art of cooking is taken care over here . We are the most budget friendly “Catering Unit in Kolkata” who customizes menus in different budget segments according to guest need. Its better to do any job when you have the perfect combination of both technical and practical exposure which is also the reason of our success since years.

ASPARAGUS CATERING UNIT , founded by Pritam Datta (Alumni IHM Taratala-Kolkata) in the year 2010 ,  Associated with Hotel Hindustan International Kolkata , and other hospitality ventures  to provide  globalized service to guests. To Update with the modern ways of cooking and bringing new fusion and exotic menus Mr.Pritam Datta Still brushes the modern techniques by personally visiting European Countries and Asian Food Hubs like China , Thailand and others.

The effective solution for any service to be provided in its minimum budget is

minimizing the middle sellers , and this is where Asparagus Catering Unit has gain its place in this Hospitality Industry. We have our own base kitchen , storage, in house management system and quality control measures which helps us building positive relations with our guests by providing quality service at its best rates.

We have spread our services in the eastern and north eastern parts of india which comprises both ceremonial and corporate events.

Ceremonial Events : Weddings, Reception, Birthday, Get together, Family Meet, Social Functions, etc

Corporate Events: Office Meal, Dealer’s Meet, Employee Meet, Product Launch, Promotions, Fiesta(fests), etc

We have a selective range of menus from different cuisines including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters. We are one of the very few “Catering Service Provider” who serve their guests with international palettes by professional management team. Our service varies from Platter to plate, American service and Buffet services. Booking procedure is very easy with our group as a phone call or a mail is what we expect from you.


We have achieved much fame in 2016 by getting selected in “AHARE BANGLA -2016” – a food festival organized by the West Bengal government  We were honored by getting the biggest stall in the food carnival amongst private food service provider and a separate stalls for our International exotic delicacies and theme food in their theme food pavilion.  More than Lacs of food lovers were served each day and its only because of our team effort we succeeded . You can find our menus of the food festival  at a later stage.

“BENGAL FISH FEST, 2017” organized by Department of Fisheries , Govt of West Bengal and Indian Chamber of Commerce was another food festival dedicated to fish lovers where we have acquired unpredictable success that has helped us aim for the stars. Lots of people enjoyed our delicious, mouth- watering dishes and we received positive feedback from every visitor. We learnt that how much important good food was as it helped a person remember the brand. This is key of success by which we want to uplift our company.


2015 -2017 ( A change in variety , Experimentation and Result )

Since 2012 I observe a need of variations in the food menu specially in a wedding . It already became the same raw materials used in a different way in most of the weddings. Very few caterers in kolkata tried experimentation with the array of options which can be incorparated in a set menu. After being a graduate from IHM , Taratala – Kolkata and specialized in food and beverage the urge of offering something new was always there in back of my mind. Gathering some practical exposure from the global kitchens , I thought of using different raw materials but cooking it – my own way. I kept the raw materials fixed but changed the process and taste of it than its usual.

In the non veg category seafoods like octopus , cuttle fish , crabs , squids , molluscs, baby shark became hot favorite . Quail , turkey , emu  cooked in a fusion style got an edge over regular food menus.

Latest speciality dishes are still under quality and taste control , so more to come in the upcoming days.

Veg Catergory makes its basket with zucchini , canistel , chayote , durian , kohlrabi , dragon fruit or pitaya , asparagus , brocolli, different variety of mushrooms with cherry tomato , soya milk products like tofu with cheddar cheese and world class salads.

Non Veg Dishes – Smoked Octopus in Brown Gravy , Emu Xacutti , Emu in Handi Gravy , Quail in lababder gravy , braised turkey florentine , quail egg with shredded cheese and mexican herbs , etc

Veg Dishes and desserts – deep fried sesbania with tartar dip , mixed green salad , stuffed canistel with mushroom and cheese , durian with sticky rice and flavoured rabri , fried icecream with fusion toppings , gastromic food varieties, stuffed fruit icecream.

Its always has been a pleasure to serve your own people with something new.  The appreciations are our inspiration to serve better and present more unique delicacies.